Modern Scandinavian Mudroom Makeover

Bright & Airy Mudroom E-Design

If you’ve been around here for a while, you might have picked up on the fact that cozy Modern Scandinavian style is my jam for interior decorating. I wanted to replicate that style in my mudroom makeover to keep the home looking cohesive!

The first step to any makeover: a plan! I love creating e-designs because it helps you visualize the final design AND saves you time and money. If you don’t know how to create an e-design, please reach out to me for some help! I would love to work with you.

Modern Scandinavian Mudroom Makeover


Right now, our mudroom is an absolute mess and is really our back up storage room for our pantry items and general household supplies. Can you relate?!

For any mudroom makeover, one of the main pieces to consider is storage options.

Personally, I didn’t want open shelving or anything exposed because this room is meant to store all of our extra things. It’s not meant for showing decor pieces.


Mudroom Inspiration

The first thing I did was head to Pinterest and Google to look up some mudroom inspiration. My goal was to save just what stood out to me, so I could review what specifically I liked about what I was finding. Here’s what I determined I wanted…

Asthetically, I wanted:

  • Floor to ceiling cabinets
  • Color on cabinets
  • Gold accents
  • Olive tree foliage
  • A spot to sit

Functionally, I wanted:

  • Storage for food/cleaning supplies
  • Storage for cleaning mop/broom
  • Additional storage for extra items
  • Storage for shoes
  • Light in the space

TIP: Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, but it can be overwhelming. Take a step back and review your “saved Pins.” Write down the similarities across the different Pins to see what you really like about them.

Mudroom Cabinetry

The next thing I added was the cabinetry.

Lowes & Home Depot have some options for cabinets. I know that IKEA has a PAX system for all things closets and cabinets, so I had to check out their options too!

Before making a final purchase, consider the storage set up and what you need it to hold. For our mudroom, it needs to hold our shoes, pantry items, and household supplies.

I knew I wanted floor to ceiling cabinets because it feels more high end and has more storage. Having pieces that are from floor to ceiling draws the eyes up, which makes the room feel bigger. Our mudroom is very small, so I want to maximize the space as much as possible.

Mudroom Cabinetry Options

I knew that I’d be working with lots of whites and beiges in the room, so I wanted the cabinetry to be in this off-white creamy beige color to add warmth to the space. I could totally do white cabinetry, but I wanted to try some color.

I love using brass accents in my designs because of the warmth they can add to a space. Plus, it pairs really well with the neutrals. I chose oversized pulls for the cabinets.

This is also a good time to point out that I will most likely be designing my kitchen in this same color palette and design, so this mudroom will give me a great idea of the direction for that makeover.

Mudroom Seating Area


I created an area to sit in the middle. I may not have space in our mudroom for it, but I kept in the design in case you like it and have the space.

I like the idea of a backsplash for this middle area. It adds interest to the room and creates a high end feel with the large marble tiles.

For the seating area, you can add some greenery or a pillow to lean back on for extra decoration and final touches.

Modern Scandinavian Mudroom Makeover

Mudroom Lighting

The next thing I wanted to add to the mudroom was lighting. I do love basket pendant lights so I thought this space could benefit from a nice big one in the middle.

If basket pendant lights aren’t your thing, I think a white or gold pendant would be great in this space as well!

Mudroom Lighting

Rugs for the Mudroom

Lastly, I wanted to add a runner to give the room some flair. It is nice to have somewhere for your feet to land, especially in your taking your shoes of in the mudroom.

I am really into vintage style rugs that blend nicely with the color palette. I found this runner that introduced some color to the space and worked well with the other colors in the room.

I’ve mentioned this in some of my previous posts: anytime you have a lot of solid color going on in the space, it helps to add some patterned elements. This gives the space some depth and interest!

Runner for Mudroom Makeover

If you like the e-design so far, leave a comment down below. Let me know if walking you through these designs helps you plan your own makeovers. If you are interested in having your room designed by me, feel free to reach out! I’d love to work with you.

With this Mudroom Makeover e-design, I am just getting a general idea of the overall design/aesthetic for the room. When I actually take the measurements into consideration and start building my shopping list, I will revisit this design to make sure what I buy fits.

If you like the items in my e-design, you can use the link below to shop them!

Mudroom Makeover Inspiration and Shopping Links

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