DIY Fireplace Makeover

Mistakes and Lessons Learned | Part 2

Today’s video is all about the lessons we learned when building our diy fireplace makeover, including some of the mistakes we made. If you liked our original diy fireplace makeover video, you will probably like this video as I go over the details of the project.

If you haven’t already watched, here is the DIY fireplace makeover project I reference in this post.

Well, the project was a hit and pretty successful considering many families re-created this fireplace in their own homes. Thank goodness for a platform like YouTube to be able to share DIY projects and help others! I’m seriously so grateful.

When we first did the diy fireplace makeover, it was all a learning experience for us and yes, there were definitely small mistakes made here and there, but all in all, if you are looking for a diy fireplace on a budget, hopefully these two videos helped you!

Links for Supplies

50 in Fireplace:
42 In Fireplace:

Stain Combo Credit:
Early American Stain:
Weathered Oak Stain:
Cabinet Hardware:
Cordless Nail Gun: (so easy to use!)
Mantel Fairy Lights:
Airstone – Birch Bluff Color:
Airstone Corner Pieces:
Airstone Paste:
I used Pine wood

Just as a heads up, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I always link either the exact product I use or a very similar product to help you achieve your goal in your project! I know how much time product research can take, so hopefully this helps! Thanks so much for supporting me!

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