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Cute Valentine’s Decorations Ideas That Are Classy, NOT Cheesy

You may be finally ready to decorate for valentine’s day but you’ve run into an issue: where to find cute valentines decorations. Not to mention, how do you decorate for Valentine’s Day in a classy, romantic way instead of with cheesy decor. 

In this post, I am covering how to decorate with cute valentines decorations and where to shop!

Let’s dive in.


Valentine’s Day Decor

When To Decorate For Valentine’s Day

Personally, if I am changing out my decor for a season or holiday, I at least want to see it up for a month.

This year, I took down Christmas decor around new years and then gave myself some time to order cute valentines decorations.

By decorating mid-January, it will have been up for a month by time Valentine’s Day comes. 

But that’s not all.

I also strategically planned my decor to be simple enough that it can also pass on to the spring season (continue reading below!).

cute valentines decorations

Valentine’s Day Decor


Personally, I found that the best (and more classy) valentines decorations are actually practical items in the home, such as flowers, vases, and candles. With that, you can decorate EASILY by buying these everyday items. 

Despite me decorating with these common household items, I did discover that the best themed valentines decorations are from TJMAXX and Homegoods. 

These stores are pretty famous for their knick-knacks and holiday decor. So for my living room shelf styling, I was able to find perfect little decor pieces for my shelves!

Valentine’s Day Decor


Shelf Styling

Note: I have a full video tutorial on my YouTube channel on how to style shelves HERE

For my shelf styling, I balanced flowers, photos, and hearts to create a whimsical scene. Looking at these shelves makes my heart so happy because of the personalized photos and the pretty flowers.

So if you have shelves to decorate, I recommend picking out some small Valentine’s decor and balancing out your color scheme. 

valentines day decor ideas

Dining Table Scape

I asked my partner to describe this tablescape in three words and he said “Romantic, Ambient, and Relaxing”. My heart grew three sizes, just like the Grinch. 

The table centerpiece is this gorgeous dipped vase that I’ve had my eye on for a few weeks! I added these stunning faux flowers (seriously love these so much!) to create a beautiful valentines day floral arrangement. 

I layered these modern gold candlestick holders with mauve candles and this combo makes me so happy! The small candles in between with the rose petals on top of this cute table runner in this color palette just completely ties it all together.

The thing is – this tablescape is not really anything Valentine’s day specific, I just chose the colors really well. That’s the key to making your decor classy and not cheesy. Try to think more holistically rather than literally.

romantic valentine's day decorating ideas

Kitchen Island Decor

For my kitchen valentines decor, I just did an easy tray styling with the same faux florals (they were TOO good to order just one), with photos flanking each side, and another homegoods valentines decor piece.

If you’d like to see how I created this arrangement, I have a short video on it HERE!

kitchen decor ideas

Valentine’s Garland + Living Room Decor

The other living room decor I have includes the valentines garland on my mantel that I got last year and then a small gold heart on top of my coffee table books.

I like how subtle the hints of Valentines Day are in my decor because it doesn’t scream in your face, but it’s also still a nice touch when guests are over. It looks like I made an effort to be festive, and I know guests pick up on those things (or at least I do!).

simple valentine decorations ideas
valentines tablescape ideas
valentines decor ideas
valentines day floral arrangement

Hopefully by now, you feel ready to decorate for valentine’s day and have some ideas for cute valentines decorations! Valentine’s Day is my FAVORITE holiday – I love love!

If you need further assistance with learning how to decorate either your office or other spaces in your home, you should check out my DIY decorating course! I’ve laid out everything you’d need to know to plan your design and get to decorating!

Until the next post,


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