Cute Ideas For House Guests That Will Impress Them!

When hosting visitors, you want to strike a balance with cute ideas for your house guests that will make them feel special, but won’t be too overwhelming.

Here are several ideas to get you started:


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Cute Ideas For House Guests

  1. A welcome basket. You can fill a basket with some of your guests’ favorite snacks, drinks, and a note welcoming them to your home. This is a simple and thoughtful way to let your guests know that you’re happy they’re there.
  2. If your guests are staying a while and are the type who like to relax with a good book, set up a cozy reading nook in their room. This can be as simple as a comfortable chair and a small table with a lamp and a stack of books. (Personally, my guest room is too small for this!)
  3. Leave a handwritten note. A handwritten note on a notecard or a small chalkboard is a nice touch. You could leave a message wishing them a pleasant stay, or even write down some recommendations of what to do or see in the area.
  4. Provide fluffy slippers. Hear me out but you can help your guests feel comfortable and at home by providing them with a pair of fluffy slippers. This is especially nice if your guest is going to be staying with you for an extended period of time. If you have guests over often, let them keep a pair at your house!
  5. Offer a variety of toiletries. If you’re expecting guests to stay for more than a night or two, consider stocking the bathroom in case they forget their essentials. Personally, the better the products you can provide, the better. By sharing your favorite products, you can expose them to scents or brands they may not have used before! I’ll leave my favorite toiletries below but let me know if you have some fan-favorites too!
  6. Provide a cozy blanket. A cozy blanket is a must-have for any guest room. Not only will it keep your guests warm, but it will also make them feel more at home. Our guest room gets extremely cold in the winter and warm in the summer so having multiple blanket options is ideal!
  7. Leave a small gift. If your guests are staying for an extended period of time, consider leaving them a small gift. This could be something like a book, a plant, or even a small decor piece. Personally, send me with some vegan chocolates and I’m good to go!

Next let’s cover,


hosting essentials

Essentials Items For A Guest Bedroom

  1. A comfortable bed: Make sure your guests have a comfortable place to sleep by providing high-quality sheets, pillows, and a mattress topper if needed. I just discovered the best cooling pillow with the perfect amount of fluff and a super sleek satin pillow case combo.
  2. Fresh linens and towels: Provide clean linens and towels for your guests, and make sure to have extras on hand in case they need them. We always lay a fresh towel folded on our guests bed.
  3. A lamp: A lamp is essential for reading or working in the guest room. Bonus if it’s a dimmer lamp so they can adjust the brightness!
  4. A closet or dresser: Provide a place for your guests to store their clothes during their stay. If you’re like me, you use this as back-up storage for your own clothes, but if you do have guests staying for an extended time, please remember to leave them space!
  5. A bench or area for their luggage: I just recently saw something about people disliking when they don’t have anywhere to place their luggage because of the germs their suitcase may have brought and not wanting to mix it with fresh bedding. Now I’ll never look at it the same. So a bench or adequate floor space is ideal here!
  6. A nightstand: A nightstand with a drawer or shelf is a convenient place for guests to put their phone, book, glasses, or any other personal items they may have.
  7. A mirror: A mirror is a must-have in any guest room, as it allows your guests to get ready in the morning. I think an over the door mirror is just fine in this case but a decorative mirror could also add a nice statement to the room.
  8. Window coverings: Make sure to provide window coverings, such as curtains or blinds, to ensure that your guests can sleep in if they wish. We are personally failing at this, even after 3 years of living in our home. We have a super sheer curtain thumbtacked to the wall but all this talking about being the “host with the most” inspires me to correct that ASAP!
  9. Electrical outlets and USB ports: Make sure there are enough available outlets and USB ports for your guests to charge their electronic devices. If needed, buy a outlet expander to provide more options.
  10. A small fan or heater: A small fan or heater can help your guests regulate the temperature in their room.
  11. A comfortable chair: If space allows for a cozy accent chair, I think that is ideal for guests because they can relax without having to get into bed. 

Aside from the essentials, I want to discuss some nice things you can do for your house guests.

How do you make a guest room feel like a hotel?

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Nice Things You Can Do For Your House Guests

  1. Leave a map of the area: Provide a map of the area, along with any local recommendations for things to see and do. This will help your guests navigate the area and make the most of their stay.
  2. Provide a guidebook or brochures: Leave a booklet of local attractions, restaurants and events in the guest room or near the entrance. A personalized itinerary will surely leave an impression!
  3. Make breakfast: Consider making breakfast for your guests, or at least having some breakfast items available for them to make their own. Fruit, toast, coffee and OJ is always a good bet!
  4. Tour them around the hot spots in your area: don’t neglect how the architecture can stick out to your guests. Maybe you live in a small town that can remind them of a Hallmark movie or maybe you live in a modern area that feels fancy to visit. This all makes the trip very memorable for them! It also encourages them to come back and maybe even help with tourism for your town! 
  5. Leave a notebook or journal: I know most people write in their phones nowadays but just in case your guest wants to make notes or even a list, having a pad of paper nearby can be helpful!
  6. Provide a phone charger: A phone charger, both for iPhone, android, or any other phone I suppose, is an essential item for many people and providing one will be a nice touch.
  7. Leave a gift for your guests: Consider leaving a small gift for your guests as a thank you for their visit, like a local delicacy, a small souvenir or even a handmade item.
  8. Plan an activity or outing: Plan an activity or outing that you can do together, like a hike, a cooking class, or a visit to a local winery or brewery. Sometimes you may wait until they arrive to decide on plans but at least having some options to review together will help save time.

By taking the time to do some of these nice things for your house guests, you’ll help to make their stay even more enjoyable and memorable.

Lastly, I want to share some:

What do you put out for house guests?

the host with the most

Unique House Guest Gift Ideas

  1. A customized welcome sign: Create a personalized welcome sign for your guests in their room or the common area. A small notecard with their name or an inside joke will be perfect! You can also add the wifi info here.
  2. A gift basket: You can fill the basket with locally sourced goodies like snacks, a bottle of wine, and a small souvenir.
  3. A book: Choose a book that you think your guest might enjoy, or one that is specific to the area they are visiting.
  4. A homemade candle: Providing a candle with a unique scent that is specific to the area they are visiting can be very sweet and is supportive of local businesses!

These are just a few ideas, but the possibilities are endless! The key is to think about what your guests might appreciate and what is specific to the area they are visiting.

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By incorporating a few of these cute ideas for house guests, you’ll help them feel welcome, comfortable, and special during their stay.

Remember to always ask about any specific needs or preferences your guests may have. 

And if you’re looking for some decorating ideas for a guest bedroom, you might be interested in checking out my DIY decorating course that will give you all the information you’d need to know! Happy hosting!

Until next Sunday,


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