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About Hunner

About Hunner

You may be here because you’re looking to decorate your home, whether a renter or homeowner and had some questions along the way. This was me too when we moved into our first home as young homeowners in 2019!

I started teaching myself how to decorate my home by defining my design style and learning as many tricks as possible! Along the way, I’ve had some pretty impressive home transformations – all on a budget (cause let’s be real – we’re not millionaires okay).

So this blog truly is meant to house all the “need-to-knows” when it comes to decorating, and I’m sharing all my lessons learned (and trust me — I love learning so you’ll find a lot of info here)!

For the people I have helped, whether it was through my design services or my Interior Decorating For Homeowners course, you can rest assured I break down design in an easy and digestible way.

Outside of decorating and writing or filming about decor, I am obsessed with learning more about business (moreso how to make an engine keep running because ya girl is out here tired okay…) as well as improving my fitness levels! We also have a pretty cool dog named Bernie who is quite literally the best and will melt your heart.

Overall, I’m a pretty positive and bubbly person and I like to keep it real. You can find me on Instagram @hunnersdesigns and really most social platforms but you’ll find me most active there.

Thanks for being here and please join my newsletter so we can further our friendship!

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I believe your home should be beautiful, comfortable, and reflect your style. My Interior Decorating Course for Homeowners will help you solidify your design style and decorate your home beautifully, so you have a home you’re proud of.

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