About Hunners Designs

About Hunner

About Hunner

I help homeowners create beautiful homes with my services, such as 1:1 Consultations and E-Designs, to put ease into decorating and by helping them thoughtfully plan their home design.

Based out of Virginia and a quiet town called Culpeper, I offer my Design Consultations virtually to extend my reach.

Most people describe me as bubbly, hard-working, and a genius when it comes to leveling up design spaces. I’m ready to hop on a call with you, answer your questions, and help you decorate your home so you don’t have to stress anymore.

If you love decor shopping, bright spaces, and popcorn – you’re probably my person.

Decorating, Hosting, and Shopping Guides for Your Home

Let’s Design a Beautiful Home

Interior Design Course for Homeowners

I believe your home should be beautiful, comfortable, and reflect your style. My Interior Decorating Course for Homeowners will help you solidify your design style and decorate your home beautifully, so you have a home you’re proud of.

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